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Top 10 best dance apps for iOS and Android - 2022

Dancing is an art and an exercise that has been used for thousands of years, as in TikTok. Some people dance for fame, while others do jazzercise to lose weight. Many dances are designed to convey different emotions and move many parts of the body. The list is endless. As for applications, there are several options. In most cases, it's best to learn from an actual instructor, but if you're an enthusiastic learner, you can find some dance moves on your cell phone without too much trouble. Here are the best dance apps for Android and iOS.

Body Groove

Body Groove is a dance workout app that allows users to lose weight while learning to dance. It features a collection of different workouts, depending on the type of dance you like. A subscription gives you access to the entire collection, so you can use it whenever you want.

It's a good dance app, especially for fitness. It's a bit pricey, but the developers have supposedly raised the monthly fee to encourage users to use it annually.

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Body Groove Company: Body Groove Ratings: 954 Note: 4.8

Dance Fitness with Jessica

Dance Fitness with Jessica is an unusual dance app. It is the official app of the brand of the same name and can be experienced on mobile devices. Whether you like it or not is purely subjective, but it offers a wide variety of workout routines and dance exercises.

There are different types of specific dances for training. For example, there are different dances for weight loss and toning. This is one of the most expensive on the list, so be sure to really enjoy their free trial before signing up.

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Dance Fitness with Jessica Company: Drive35 Productions Ratings: 275 Note: 4.8


Everdance is a dance teaching app. It offers classes in all genres, from ballet to belly dancing and modern dances such as twerking, hip-hop and K-pop. Of course, there are also traditional ones, such as salsa dancing. It's a kind of community platform. Teachers and schools can upload their courses directly to the app: think Udemy or Coursera, but for dance.

It has a fairly expensive monthly fee, but there are quite a few classes you can take. The only downside is that you can't see what the app looks like before you order the subscription. It would be nice to have a trial version with a couple of introductory classes, to say the least.

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Everdance: learn to dance app Company: Everdance LLC Ratings: 210 Note: 4.1

Hip Hop Dance Workout

Hip Hop Dance Workout is exactly what it sounds like. They teach you a particular way to dance and then you workout with that new dance. It also helps with practice and footwork. The only caveat is that it is difficult for beginners. Other than that, it's cheap, effective and you can lose weight with it and learn dance moves.

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Hip Hop Dance Workout - Dance to Torch Calories Company: Hazard Studio Ratings: 984 Note: 4.1

Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now is technically a game, but it teaches you how to dance. It uses real pop songs you probably know or have heard. It also makes clever use of Chromecast. It streams the game via Chromecast to your TV and uses your phone as a remote control. From there, it mimics the dance on the TV.

There are a few things we don't like about this game. The system uses coins for energy, so you can't dance as much as you want and the coins run out quickly. In fact, this is our biggest complaint about the game. Other than that, this game teaches you how to dance and is fun. It just requires a little patience.

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Just Dance Now Company: Ubisoft Entertainment Ratings: 1.130.000 Note: 3.9

Pocket Salsa

Pocket Salsa is a fairly simple dance app, with over 100 dance lessons to learn the basics of salsa; it includes all the Addicted2Salsa episodes and salsa music tracks so you can practice. It's a standalone package, so you get all the video and music content for the basic price of the app.

There's nothing wrong with it, except that it's not aimed at intermediate or advanced dancers. The classes could be better organized, but other than that, what you see is what you get.

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Pocket Salsa Company: Modernistik Ratings: 2.598 Note: 4.8


Steezy is another app for teaching dancing, and this one is quite popular. It contains over 800 dance courses in a variety of genres, such as hip-hop, K-pop and house. Classes range from beginner to expert, and there is a progression system to help you improve your dancing. The classes are presented in the form of instructional videos, as in the YouTube video above.

This is the most expensive monthly subscription on the list. However, it also appears to be the most authentic instructional app on the list, so it may be worth it. We recommend you give it a try before signing a long-term contract.

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STEEZY - Learn How To Dance Company: STEEZY Ratings: 5.960 Note: 4.3


YouTube is a great option for dancers on a budget. You'll find thousands of instructional videos, tutorials and dance fitness videos. They are useful for learning specific dance moves, and some creators teach classes and rely on YouTube ad revenue for their income. In terms of pure educational value, the main attraction is that new dance tutorials are uploaded to YouTube before any other site.

YouTube is free to use, but YouTube Music is also available with YouTube Premium for $12.99 per month. The combination of music and video services is especially good for people who have an artistic medium that requires music.

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YouTube Company: Google LLC Ratings: 141.000.000 Note: 4.2

Any music streaming application

This is a bit of an obvious choice, but we do it anyway. You need music to dance to, so you need a music streaming service - Spotify is one of the best known, but you can use any streaming service you like. Most artists upload new songs to all services when they are released, so you can dance to the latest hits on virtually any service.

Plus, on SoundCloud you can listen to great tracks from underground artists that you won't find in the mainstream. These are all just ideas. Try them out and see which one is right for you.

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Spotify: Music and Podcasts Company: Spotify Ltd. Ratings: 26.500.000 Note: 4.4